Total Admiration

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As fatherhood is rapidly approaching my life,

I reflect on the enrichment, added by my wife.

Opening the door to the softness of my soul,

teaching me the beauty of self-control.

How to gather a diamond, from a piece of coal,

while using family, as our supreme goal.

From understanding the rain, to feeling the sun,

the warmth of a love, that I didn’t shun.

Now sharing in the blessing of having a son,

knowing that our lives have just begun.

She adds the light, when I dwell in the dark,

when I want to give up, she adds the spark.

She teaches me more, than she will ever grasp,

a love so pure, that it will make one gasp.

She is the definition of what love should be,

showering me with her devotion, so effortlessly.

When I think of my past, she pulls me away,

keeping me grounded, in the present day.

When Asher is born, it won’t outweigh,

it will only add to the love, that I feel today.


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