As we teach each other the art of cohesion,

applying the other’s traits, similar to adhesion.

The layering of qualities, that makes up the whole,

is equivalent to love, through the heart and soul.

The areas I lack, you fill in,

we can read each other, like an identical twin.

We grow as one through the merging process,

overcoming the obstacles, as we continue our progress.

As we start to look at life, through the game of chess,

each individual thought, gets easier to express.

We can connect on a level where we fight together,

like John Snow and Khaleesi, facing the coldest of weather.

The bond we create, our children will see,

like a dragon in the sky, able to fly free.

We can’t see ahead, but we plan our way,

each day is not given, so we live for the day.

We have hope in our future, from the effort applied,

with faith in our hearts, being unified.

So I pick up my shield and my sword,

ready to move these pieces, on the chessboard.

Poised and ready for the next battle ahead,

standing side by side, till our deathbed.


Methodical Approach


My approach to life is of a methodical nature,

like the poems I write, reverberating my own nomenclature.

I never forge beyond the limits of my awareness,

I plan each step, embodying preparedness.

It produces a more harmonious yield,

like x-ray vision, while walking on top of a minefield.

One’s awareness kicks in, revealing what’s concealed,

never possessing a thought that hasn’t congealed.

Building the foundation that one needs to survive,

not just at par, but where they actually thrive.

Pushing one’s desires till they actually arrive,

extending the capacity in the things that they strive.

Planning one’s approach, always affects the outcomes,

giving one more to eat, instead of the just the crumbs.

It’s a wide array of possibilities able to explore,

instead of entering a room that doesn’t contain a door.

Forging into the darkness without a plan,

doesn’t allow a full wingspan.

It restricts the possibilities of what may happen to grow,

which is why one’s actions, reap what they sow.

Methodically thinking and planning one’s way,

is a successful journey, on any highway.


Taut Elasticity



What happens when one gets tired of bending in one direction?

Changing ones approach to alter their reflection.

Wanting to fit into another’s collection,

but what one sees, creates an abrupt introjection.

Everyone is pressured to change their approach,

accept how it is, even though others encroach.

Don’t poke the beast, if you want to reach peace,

confrontation is a situation, that must decrease.

If the elephant becomes present, wherever it appears,

close ones eyes, all you can use are your ears.

Never point out the abrasive actions of others,

or the lies they use to hide under the covers.

The family dynamics are already set in stone,

as an outsider, one’s thoughts cannot be shown.

Marrying into a family that will not atone,

is like fighting for power, just to sit on the throne.

That type of behavior I will always disown,

to the point where I bend back, from being overblown.

So what happens when ones get tired of bending?

The conformity dies away to where there is no pretending.


Fury Road


So much misdirected anger, I could unload in any direction,

I want to give the world my internal reflection.

Then they will feel the flame that I have burning,

placing them inside the ball of emotions that I have churning.

Trusting too much can be concerning,

leaving one open to acts that are undiscerning.

No sympathy at all with the actions made,

getting stepped on and covered up, with in the image of aid.

To me that is similar to a masquerade,

pretending as a friend, in a balance of trade.

Yet I was the one on the short end of the stick,

knowing I was down, you still gave a kick.

The money changed hands like a magic trick,

leaving me stuck with a bill, that made me sick.

Now I walk around with a chip on my shoulder,

carrying the weight of a heavy boulder.

With the mind state of an elite solider,

Yet forced to let my flames die out and smolder.

That takes my anger and builds it in into rage,

like a fierce tiger locked in a cage.

The emotions stay present as the fire still glows,

wanting to lash out and throw those blows.

But the fault is my own for the cash advance,

so it’s misdirected anger in this circumstance.




Life has a funny way of being consistent,

rearing its ugly head, even when I am resistant.

I can go for periods at a time, pushing the progression,

with one fell swoop, life can cause digression.

Everything I was striving for gets put into question,

layering stress upon stress, till I reach depression.

It’s so consistent it became a learned profession,

till thinking outside the box became a repossession.

Two steps forward, equals three steps back,

causing the vision I use, to reach pitch black.

Staying positive becomes obsolete,

like trying to be optimistic in the ejection seat.

At any moment I could crash land,

destroying all the dreams, I had planned.

It doesn’t matter how many ducks I put in order,

life never goes away, it’s like a mental disorder.

It controls you, not the other way around,

battling its efforts, is a familiar battle ground.

Until I stop breathing, it’s like a merry-go-round,

a constant struggle of always knuckling down.


Role Playing



I am use to making people earn their way,

respect is something I don’t give away.

Actions speak louder than any words can convey,

untrustworthy individuals, now have to prepay.

I will no longer express the inner workings of mind,

if you’re not in my circle, then we are not aligned.

Your insight is disregarded and now disinclined,

the person you knew, got left behind.

I took out the fruit and left the rind,

surface data is the only thing that can now be defined.

Depth is handled by those with strength,

weak individuals get left at arm’s length.

If being overwhelmed is your only conclusion,

then a conversation with me is just an illusion.

You will find yourself in complete seclusion,

surrounded by your thoughts of pure delusion.

It was an act of kindness and a mutual accord,

that even allowed your feet to step onboard.

A responsive action, is what made you walk the plank,

unable to handle true emotion, so you used your rank.

It is true, blood is thicker than water,

and yes, she will always be your daughter.

But as my wife, and the matriarch of my home,

I will defend her honor down to the last chromosome.

I may smile, but it’s just a façade,

playing a role, where strength is outlawed.


The Art Of Tolerance


Tolerance is a word that I need to incorporate,

tolerating unfavorable conditions, without letting it stagnate.

I may not like what I see with my eyes,

but I must come to the conclusion of compromise.

Refraining from expressing what I despise,

and showing my cards, without a disguise.

The harshness of the truth can paralyze,

those that live at the surface and generalize.

When one digs to the core, they now personalize,

any matter of attention that they internalize.

What one does with this insight is where tolerance comes in,

one has to give up the urge to defeat and win.

The battleground they face, now begins within,

holding back one’s opinions, while taking the outcomes on the chin.

Not mettling with the facts which are descriptive and present,

rather relinquishing control to the issues that are evident.

Allowing the course to play itself out,

one’s own convictions, face a lockout.

Toleration is the definition that is written on the wall,

the exact beginning of my downfall.

I must embody this term, even when thrown a curve ball,

for I am invested into this journey, for the long haul.